Metal Links

The Internet! It's on computers and it's not just for pornography anymore! There's plenty of metal swirling in the cesspool known as the World Wide Web. Consider these sites a good place to start.

News - Canada's Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles ("the CNN of Heavy Metal") - Metal news, reviews, and commentary (owned by Roadrunner Records) - Death Metal Underground, net’s oldest and longest-running metal site. - British Magazine Metal Hammer - Metal Underground "Some music was meant to stay underground." - Talking Metal Podcast - Heavy Metal Callout


Radio - featuring seven streaming metal chanels - “The World’s First .com Internet Only Radio Station Online Since 1995”


Labels - Century Media - Metal Blade Records - Nuclear Blast - Roadrunner Records - Sanctuary Records Group - Spitfire Records
For a full listing of Heavy Metal record labels, visit Wikipedia.


Other Links - Martin Popoff's Official Site - Martin wrote the book on metal...literally! - Google Metal Music Timeline - A visual representation of Metal's popularity over time. - Metal Season - Hard-to-find new European releases on CD/DVD.  Highly recommended! - Encyclopedia Metallum - The heavy metal encyclopedia - Metal Discography Reference - Rockdetector - "The World's Biggest Rock Resource on the Web." - Listing of Metal Sites - Heavy Metal Comedy - Metal is funny, like, ha-ha funny!